4 Investment Strategies To Learn Before Trading in Forex Market

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4 Investment Strategies To Learn Before Trading in Forex Market


A forex trading strategy will help you to decide when to buy and when to sell a currency pair. This involves studying the fundamental and technical factors. So when it comes to choosing the best forex trading strategy, we would tell you that there is no single answer to this. All the forex trading strategies are unique and what might work for one investor might not work for another investor.

Things to be Considered Before Considering Forex Profit Strategies

While considering the best forex trading strategy for yourself, you should consider the following factors.

#1. Your Time Horizon

Are you investing for short-term, medium-term or long-term/

#2. Your Risk Bearing Capacity

What are the profit and loss targets that you have set in the forex market?

#3. Your Trading Style

Are you an Intraday trader or buy-and-hold trader?

After considering all of the above factors it is important to choose the best forex trading strategy that works for you.

Here is a list of trading strategies that work:

#1. Price Action Trading

This is one of the best trading strategies in the forex market as it involves studying the historical rates and then deciding the support and resistance levels. After this, the buy and sell trades are placed near the support and resistance levels. This trading strategy works in all markets be it range-bound or volatile.

This is a trading strategy that can be used across all the time frames i.e. short term, medium or long-term trade.

#2. Range Trading


In this trading strategy support and resistance levels are identified and the investors place trades across these key levels. This trading strategy is dependent on technical analysis. A support level is a bottom level around which the price will stop falling further. A resistance level is a top-level beyond which price will not rise.

#3. Position Trading

It is one of the best long-term forex trading strategies. This involves taking long-term positions to maximize the profits from major movements in the currency rates. This strategy is not for short-term traders as it requires a long-term commitment of funds and patience while trading.

An investor will need a good experience of fundamental and technical analysis to get a successful place in position trading. Additionally, a large capital base is required for position trading as the trade needs to be maintained for months.


#4. Trend Trading


Trend trading strategy is again a successful forex strategy and it primarily involves the identification of a trend. A trend is nothing but the likelihood of prices continuing to go up or down consistently. An uptrend is the continuous upward movement of exchange rates while a downtrend is the consistent downward movement of rates.

An investor identifies the upward trend and downward trend in the market and simply chooses the entry and exit point. This will help him to generate maximum profits in the market.

Final Word

We hope these forex trading strategies along with forex signals will help you to generate good returns in this market.

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