If you are aspiring to multiply your portfolio, it is the right time to take steps to enter Malaysia Market. For this, it is important to choose the right Malaysia Stock Picks.

It is also equally important to take the right steps to be successful in Malaysia Market. The following tips will not only help you to bring a positive portfolio but will also save you from making certain investment mistakes that can cause losses.

#1. Identify the Kind of Investment You Want to Make

It is important to decide where you are planning to invest your surplus funds. For some extra money,  Stock market is the key that will help to generate some extra money and help to quickly grow your funds.

Define the money that you can invest for a definite period of time and your risk-bearing capacity.

Deciding the risk capacity will help you to plan your portfolio. Your portfolio should be a mix of high-risk bearing stock and low-risk bearing stocks. This ensures an average return on investment.

#2. Understanding KLSE Market

Main Market, ACE Market, and Lean Market are parts of Bursa Market. Also, based on Market Capitalisation there are three kinds of shares i.e. Mid Cap, Small Cap, and Large Cap. There are various industries in Bursa Malaysia Market such as IT, Consumer, Real Estate, etc.

With so many stock options available, investors should choose the category of investment most suitable to their needs and requirements.

#3. Malaysia Market Share Tip Provider

person indicting the offers of bursa stock picks

Once you enter the market, it is important to gain an understanding of how the market reacts to various situations. A market share tip provider will let you know a good investment option as per current market conditions.

If you are still thinking about what stocks to invest in, don’t worry we have got you covered. Here is a list of top 5 stock pics of the companies listed on Bursa Malaysia.

5 Best Malaysia Stock Picks to follow in 2020

#1. Pentamaster Corp BHD

Pentamaster is an automated testing and technology service provider. With a market capitalization of RM747.1 million, the shares provide a price-earnings ratio of 10 times.

 #2. BCM Alliance BHD

The company deals in medical devices and has a market capitalization of RM73.72 million. The company is also planning to expand its existing portfolio.

The stock is quite undervalued and is a good option for investment in 2019.

#3. AirAsia Group BHD

Despite the fluctuations in fuel prices, the company managed to generate good profits in the year 2018. The company is constantly expanding and has added 27 Planes last year resulting in a 13.3% increase in the ASK (available seat kilometers).

#4. HSS Engineers  BHD

The company has been one of the most outstanding companies in Malaysia. With the market capitalization of RM446.28 million, the shares have been growing consistently with good returns.

#5. Inari Amertron BHD

This is one of the good investment options in Bursa Market. Inari provides a dividend yield of 5.1% with a relatively strong balance sheet that is backed by a net cash position of RM525 million.


We hope this helps you to make a good investment decision in Bursa Market.