6 Things You Must Follow In 2021 To Make Profits In The Bursa Market

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6 Things You Must Follow In 2021 To Make Profits In The Bursa Market


Bursa Malaysia is one of the influential stock exchange markets in southwest Asia. It offers a wide range of services like listing, trading, settlement, and depository of equity and other products.

According to the recent statistics, the total value of traded securities touched approximately 0.12 Trillion Malaysia ringgit in July 2020, where they paid RM 0.256 as ordinary dividend per share and RM 0.08 as special dividend per share to their investors.

Thus, the Bursa Market always delivers steady growth in investors' profit, which is why this market’s share prices have witnessed a positive impact in the last few years.

If you are thinking of investing in the Bursa Market or looking out for KLSE stock picks, it may be one of the best decisions for you to read this Bursa Market blog 2021.

But, before starting trading in this market, you must follow the below-mentioned KLSE stock tips to pull a generous amount of profit in 2021.

What are the Points to Remember In 2021 to Make Profit in The Bursa Market?

You must consider lots of Bursa tips and techniques before starting your journey in Bursa Malaysia to squeeze all possible returns. But we conclude six essential things to follow:

1. Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis involves the primary evaluation of that specific business where you want to invest your hard-earned money, including analyzing the company’s market potential, organization team, profit growth, and product line.

This analysis provides you a long-term view of your investment.

2. Technical analysis

Technical analysis is a way of evaluating the facts and figures of that specific business. It includes the study of revenue, trade volume, market fluctuation via charts and diagrams.

This analysis gives you a clear and accurate view of the short-term market scenario.

3. Know about CDS and E-trading account

Central depository system abbreviated as CDS account which refers to that account you must open for trading in the Bursa market. All stocks that you purchase from this market will be kept here.

An E-trading account enables you to trade with your stock online, configure stop-Loss, and conduct technical analysis based on real-time data.

4. Understand the term 1 LOT

As you start investing in the Bursa market, the first term always confuses you. That is 1LOT, which is equivalent to 100 shares. So when you invest  RM3000 in Bursa Market, you will buy 100 shares whose price is RM30.

5. Know about Limit up and limit down

Limit up is a price limit where a share price can go up in a day, and the Bursar's upper limit capped at 30% of the opening share price.

Limit down refers to the point where a stock price can go down in a day, and the lower limit of Bursa is -15% of the opening price.

6. Be Careful with Brokerage, Clearing Fees, and Stamp Duty

It is a well-known fact that you must keep your eye on your expenses if you want to gain more profit.

There are certain limit sets in the Bursa market about brokerage, where brokerage fees cannot exceed 0.7% of the share traded, but it can vary according to the firm.

Clearing charges valued at 0.03% of the total contract value and stamp duties are charged by Malaysia’s government, which can’t exceed RM1 for all shares worth RM1000.

Parting Note:

We have covered all the necessary things about the KLSE stock picks and the Bursa market. So if you are a newbie and ready to invest your hard-earned money in the Bursa market in 2021, keep these points in your mind and follow reliable and real-time based stock picks to make more profit in 2021.

If you trade by following your instincts, the risk of losing can multifold; thus, hire a bursa trading tips provider to ensure that you get the right stock recommendations to wisely invest money in the KLSE market.

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