Gold should be a part of a diversified investment portfolio. It is considered as an Investment heaven for traditional investors due to its good returns in long term. Due to a good global presence, gold provides high liquidity and can be sold at any time during contingencies. All these factors make a gold investment quite popular and reliable.

Why You Should Invest in Gold?

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Have you invested in Gold yet? If not, we have compiled a few reasons why you should make gold as your investment option.

  • Gold is one of the most reliable commodities even at the time of Inflation.
  • Gold is one of the best commodities to invest in even when the global economy is facing a slowdown.
  • It is one of the best investment options for portfolio diversifications.

We have compiled some Gold Trading Strategies that will help you to diversify your portfolio and at the same time maximize returns.

Best Gold Trading Strategies

 #1. Pay Attention to the Volume of Trade

 Volume is very important yet the most overlooked piece of information in gold trading.

#2. Trade Under an Analyst

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If you are new to gold investment you can take tips from a market analyst. Also just have a background check about your analyst. Make sure they have been in the business for a long period of time.

#3. Investor Sentiments

It is important to keep a check on investor sentiments in old market. If the majority of traders in gold market are bullish then the gold is likely to close on top. If majority of the investors are bearish than the gold will close on the bottom.

#4. Analyze the Ratios

 It is important to have a deep analysis of the market. This can be done by way of ratio analysis, particularly the ratios that provide important insights about the market. For Example, Gold V. Bond Ratio, Gold to Oil Ratio, etc. These ratios can be used to make sure that your investments in gold are safe and fetching appropriate values.

#5. Analyze More Than One Time Frames

Even if you are trading for a short term frame, be sure to check the medium and long term trend. Generally longer the time frame, the stronger the support and resistance levels. This results in less volatility.

#6. Look for Anomalies

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Whenever you notice something odd in the market, investigate to find out the reason behind the same. Make sure that that reason will not affect the value of your investment.

#7. Diversify Your Portfolio

 Even if your primary strategy is to trade gold, we still encourage you to consider dedicating a part of your capital in other long term investments. This will lower the overall variability of return and make returns more stable.


These are some of the Trading Tips that will help you to maximise return in gold market. Watch out for other Gold Trading Signals that will help you to diversify your portfolio and optimize returns.