An intraday trading strategy is outlined as associate degree overall trading strategy characterized by the regular transmission by a client of a multiple intraday electronic orders to impact each purchase and sale within the same security or securities.”

It’s appearance to be the only and also the most pleasing. However, in intraday trading, one has got to be in no time and fast and need to get on your toes perpetually. Therefore there are specific rules that one has got to trade doing day trading the Malaysian stock market.

Most successful day traders are those who have a system or methodology and continue it over and over. There’s no “magic formula” that may lead to fantastic results. Most daytraders that I do know set up their trades around a theory or methodology they have faith in and continue this method over and over.

Advantages of Intraday trading:

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  • Trading opportunities are more frequent, and if you trade with the daily chart, you may see similar trades a lot of usually on an intraday chart.
  • You can cut losses quickly.
  • There is no overnight risk if a severe piece of stories hits your market once the shut.

Disadvantages of intraday trading:

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  • You miss long term swings and trends
  • Profit is smaller as a result of intraday swings are shorter
  • Expenses are higher thanks to a lot of recurring commission or brokerage and slippage.

You must act instantly, and if you don’t, you’re dead. With a daily chart, you have got a luxury of your time; however, the intraday chart demands immediate action. MoneyLifeReseach will help you by providing the best market recommendations.

Useful points for intraday trading:

  • Keep your volume constant.
  • Being a contrarian is incredibly necessary while trading intraday.
  • Stop loss could be a must, whereas trading intraday.
  • Always change liquid stocks i.e., that have high volume as a result of entry and exit is in no time in such stocks.

It is not necessary that a stock that is weak today throughout intraday trading could be weak tomorrow additionally, at the same time if a stock is strong today would be strong tomorrow

With the employment of various tool, most of them are based mostly on “range breakouts” or “trend following” systems. Others are supported “pivot points” and different advanced calculation