Bursa Malaysia is one of the largest exchanges in Asia with more than 1000 listed companies. You can invest in a variety of investment options such as Exchange Traded Funds, American Depository Receipts, and various other stocks.

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If you are a new investor in this market, the most important question that will come in your mind is How Can You Start Investing in Malaysia and what are the best Bursa Stock Picks. Here are some Stock Trading Tips that you should consider before you lock a considerable part of your savings in Bursa Market –

  • Set Your Personal and Financial Goals – Before investing it is important to set your goals to estimate how much you need to invest and save to reach your targets.
  • Open a Brokerage Account – If you are a new investor to this market it is advisable to take guidance from an experienced broker and open a brokerage account.
  • Choose Your Investment Style – Choose the style that works best for you based on your risk profile, investment goals, and strategies. Sticking to your investment style can give you great returns.
  • Maintain a Watchlist and Portfolio of Stocks – This will help you to choose the type of companies in which you should be investing. Also creating a watchlist will help you to take immediate action while the market is bearish.
  • Invest in Undervalued Stocks – Undervalued Stocks provide a great investment option due to huge discounts on trading prices.

After all these tips the next question that comes is Best Bursa Picks. Here we have compiled a list of Bursa Picks that will help you to diversify your portfolio and increase returns.

Best Bursa Stock Picks

#1. Supermax Corporation BHD

The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing gloves. It is the second-largest manufacturer of gloves in the world. The stock of the company is quite undervalued and therefore a good investment option. The shares are trading at a discount of 47%.  The large discount is due to ambiguity over the expansion plans of the company.

The price earning ratio of the company is fairly constant to 26.3 times that is reasonably good.

#2. AirAsia Group BHD

AirAsia Group BHD is currently one of the cheapest stocks on the Bursa Stock Market. This is due to the rising fuel prices that have led to decreased net profits of the company.

The company provides a Price Earning Ratio of 3.48 times. Also, the company distributed a bumper dividend of 40% after the third quarter due to disposal of its stake in online travel agency Expedia.

#3. Bermaz Auto BHD

The company is the official distributor of Mazda cars in Malaysia and it is set to launch Mazda 3, Mazda CX- 30 by the end of 2019. This along with a strategy to improve its distribution channel, the company is set to raise demand for its products in the market.

Due to expansion strategies, the market is quite favorable towards stock of the company.


 We hope that our Investment Tips and Bursa Picks will help you to park your funds in good avenues and will increase your returns.