Best Stocks to Invest in 2021 Malaysia During Covid Crisis

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Best Stocks to Invest in 2021 Malaysia During Covid Crisis


With the outbreak of COVID-19, the stock market saw a big slump. A wide surge upwards is also expected at the same time. Particularly the availability of vaccines is raising optimism for the better year ahead. There are various KLSE stock tips that you should consider in order to make use of this situation. As most of the stocks are still undervalued, a good investment can go a long way.

We have compiled some bursa Malaysia stock tips and some good undervalued stocks that you can consider for investment.

#1. IHH Healthcare Bhd

The company has operations in various parts of Asia and it has been considered an important entity for regional recovery from COVID-19.  Although the group has suffered due to low patient volume as many people have postponed the treatments due to pandemics. Also, there are fewer foreign travelers now for treatments.

Although experts believe that the group will see good earnings in 2021 with the reopening of borders and returns of patients. The group is meanwhile focussing on increasing services such as laboratory testing, telemedicine, medicine delivery etc.

#2. Genting Malaysia Bhd

The casino operator will go back to generating good profits once the borders open and tourism is allowed. The stock has been highly undervalued and is a good option for investment. Experts believe that the current share prices have not factored in immediate recovery.

The share prices declined by 15% in 2020 to close RM 2.69 this was mainly due to the COVID lockdown and shut down of all the casinos globally. The share is also considered as a good Malaysia intraday stock pick.

#3. British American Tobacco (Malaysia) Bhd

The share prices of the company saw a strong rebound in the last two months of 2020. Still the current share prices remain highly undervalued as compared to the historical prices. Three years back the shares of the trading company were valued RM 40. The prices have seen a decline of 65% since then.

The company is also offering a dividend yield of 6.36% that is deemed attractive and shows future growth prospects of the company.

#4. Malaysia Airports Holding Bhd

As a result of the global pandemic, international travel was brought to its knees. The shares of the company saw a 22% decline and it reached its five-year low on Oct 16. Experts now believe that the tourism and aviation sector will be able to generate huge revenues, post-COVID.

The roll-out of COVID vaccines globally brings out a ray of hope for the reopening of global borders worldwide. Also, the company is expected to improve its current operations agreement with the Malaysian government that will improve the prices of shares in the long run.

Final Word

We hope this list of best stocks to invest in Malaysia during the COVID crisis will help you to generate good returns. Also for a detailed market analysis don’t forget to look at KLSE stock tips.

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