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– China responded to the allegations of President Donald Trump;
In response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s allegations on Thursday, a spokesman for the Chinese People’s Congress Congress said that the country would never accept lawsuits and claims. often not justified in relation to a pandemic, they will protect their sovereignty, security and interests and countermeasures are threatened.

– BOJ Japan Bank kept the base rate unchanged at the extraordinary meeting today, starting a new loan program worth 75 trillion yen.

Comments on GOLD at the beginning of the day:

Gold Chart
* About news:

World gold dropped yesterday to around 1717 and rebounded to above 172x. The US economic data published is quite positive. And the positive signs of restarting the global economy are emerging putting pressure on the price of Gold.

– US Manufacturing PMI data rebounded to 39.8 in May, up from 36.1.Although there are still strong layoffs in US jobs, the job market has shown stability. again and that layoff is slowing along with the reopening of the economy.

* Technical specifications:

– 3 days this strategy Sell Gold are very effective from the price area of ​​5x, 4x, 3x and last night we had a buy order for gold at 1717 / 1722 and the price is currently 1725.

– Predicting the Asian session and the beginning of the European session, we expect Gold will continue to recover to the TP3 area of ​​1731 and the expectation to the 1739 zone to establish a sell status. We expect from that price zone GOLD will continue to move down to 1715-1710.