How to Collect Profit Even When The KLSE Market is Down?

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How to Collect Profit Even When The KLSE Market is Down?


If you are new to investing, it can be hard to find the best stock suitable for your needs. It is important to have all the tips and techniques that ultimately work in your favor so that you never lose your money in the KLSE Stock Market.

One of the important share market strategies is to invest in undervalued stocks. Undervalued stocks are the ones selling at a discounted price, relative to their intrinsic value. This strategy is called value investing where you invest in undervalued stock with the hope that the prices will rise to their appropriate intrinsic value.

These Bursa Stock picks will help you to generate good returns in the market. If you want to get a consistent and predictable return from the KLSE Stock Market, you will love this guide in which we have compiled some of the Best Performing Stocks.

Follow these Five KLSE Stock Picks of 2021:

#1. AmanahRaya REIT

This stock is a perfect KLSE stock if you are looking for an investment with a diversified property portfolio and high dividend yield. The stock gave a Return on Investment of 17.29% and a dividend yield of 10.51%. The operating profit of the company has also shown improvements in the past years.

#2. Focus Lumber Berhad

The company is engaged in the manufacturing and sale of plywood, veneer and laminated lumber. The company has a subsidiary that is engaged in the generation and sale of electricity. The dividend yield of the company is at 10.51% and the net profits have substantially improved over the past years.

However, investors should take note that almost 45% of the revenue of the company was from a single customer i.e. Ihlo Sales & Import Co., and the rest of the revenue is derived from the US Market.

#3. MBM Resources Berhad

The company is engaged in the business of Motor Trading i.e. distributorship and dealership of various international vehicles and automotive parts manufacturing. This is quite undervalued stock with good future prospects.

The company provides a dividend yield of 4.12% and a price-earnings ratio of 6.2.

#4. Poh Huat Resources Holdings Berhad

The company manufactures office and home furniture and is a leading brand in furniture exporting in Southeast Asia. The country exports furniture to various countries such as America, India, the United Kingdom, and Southeast Asia.

The company has a very strong growth prospect due to the US-China Trade War as the US importers may turn away from the Chinese products, presenting good future opportunities for the company.

The company provides a dividend yield of 4.43% and is expected to grow in the future.

#5. GDB Holdings Bhd

The company is principally involved in the provision of construction services, focusing on commercial and mixed development projects. The company provides an attractive dividend yield of 6.78%. Also, there has been considerable growth in the net profits of the company from the year 2014 to 2018.

Final Word

The stock market moves in cycles, from low to high. There may be various stocks that are reasonably undervalued now but can gain momentum and reach a certain good price offering good returns in the KLSE Market. It is important to closely watch daily live tips in the market before investing. We hope you find our guide useful to make an informed decision.

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