Market News

Be careful With Today's Gold Market Entry- Going Down

Today's gold market in a downtrend, this is not the right time to buy more. Wait for the next move or go with gold tips to profit on the down trend as well.

Gold Bounce Back- Planning to SELL/BUY Check It Out This

During yesterday's session, precious metal Gold once fell to 1894 after touching this price range. Gold bounced back to 1908 and closed the day with a bullish candle here.

Gold Update: BUY BUY Maintain the Buy Status Today

As per last week's market trend, our opinion saying that we should BUY, later on, it will go to breach the level. Our Gold tips will help you properly in this.

Gold Update- Good to BUY Today

Switching to the H4 time frame we can see that this precious metal has a support area around 1865 as well as MA20.  So in today's session we can establish a buy position around this price range from 1865-1869.  With the target will be the nearest "old peak" around 1888. Then liquidate the order and wait for the next signals.