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Candle Stick Describing The Gold Market Up & Down

 Comment on Gold on 11/17/2020:

Yesterday, Gold was on the right scenario when it fell from 1898 to 1863 ($ 35), however, this rally did not last until the end of the day.  After reaching 1863 gold has grown again and ended the day with a long leg candle of unknown trend.  At the end of the day, in my opinion, today, Gold will have the ability to retest the 1896-1903 zone again.
Although it may have slight growth again, I did not change my opinion. And in the comments on the weekend I have shared that unless Gold closes the daily candle above the 1910 price range, I will change my opinion or we will still wait to sell at a good price.
- So today we keep waiting to sell down to the intraday resistance zone at 1896-1903 and the short term target is around 1876 and beyond the daily support around 1863.