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Comment on Gold on April 1, 2021:

In the new month, everyone with a drawdown monthly candle closed above the monthly chart, along with that on the daily chart time frame, after falling sharply to 1678, this precious metal formed the 2 patterns. the bottom then go up. The session closed yesterday with a fairly strong bullish candle that took up most of the downward pressure of yesterday's candle. So my personal opinion about precious metals is more and more affirmed as in today's 2 that we will continue to buy when prices return to the low range in the coming short term.

- Considering the short-term frame rather than H4, we can see a very strong increase. If in this Asian session, gold price remains above 1705, it is likely that the price will go up without much correction, but if the price can adjust further to the 1696-1700 zone, this is the ideal price range for them. We increase the Buy status. With the next goal this precious metal needs to conquer is the price range 1720-1725 in today's session.