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???? Comment on Gold on October 15, 2020:

 ? ? Good day, we will continue with the comments about the precious metal Gold:
 - Yesterday, Gold ran in the correct scenario when it was judged to wait to buy at the 1885 price area and sell down around 1911. End of the session yesterday Gold closed the daily candle with a bullish candle after it was  There were bullish beats from 1882 to 1912 ($ 30) and fell back to close the daily candle at 1900.
 - We can see that Gold is re-tapping the short-term uptrend channel on the H4 timeframe along with the psychological resistance of 1900. As I mentioned in yesterday morning's comment, trendline channel  This plays an important role, if Gold breaks this price zone, there is a high possibility that it will drift back to 187x and the "old bottom" 1850. In case, if Gold fails to break, we may see it again.  192x price range 1 again.
 - Personally, today, I tend to wait for the price reaction around the threshold of 1895, how to react to decide which is best for today.