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Eager To Invest in Gold Market Today, Get Quick Overview On It

Comment on Gold on October 16, 2020:

-At the end of yesterday session, gold had one more day of increase when the price went as the scenario when it moved up from 1889 to 1908 ($ 19) and closed the daily candle at this same price area.
 - If you look at the force of the candlestick, many people will think that this is a candle that pushes the price up next, but in my opinion, although it is the second day of consecutive increase, yesterday's rally was in the range.  the rise of yesterday candle (Wednesday) yesterday candle is the candle that bounced up to the point where we can start to establish a sell position today.
 - Resistance zone pushes the precious metal price down for the day at 1908-1912 and the target will Gold move to the short term support zone at 1895 and beyond to around 1885 today.