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Gold Market Will Be same As Like Previous Two Days- Gold Market Analysis


Comment on Gold on 04/27/2021:

End of the session yesterday, gold precious metal had 1 day of increasing as expected from 1768 to 1783 ($ 15) closed the daily candle with a bullish candle again after 2 previous falling days. With the falling gold did not break through the 1768 price zone yesterday and rebounded so in my opinion this momentum will be maintained in the beginning of today's session.

 - Considering the shorter time frame H4 we can see a short-term resistance zone at 1785 but in my opinion the precious metal Gold will soon surpass this resistance to move to higher levels.  The safe target of this uptrend will be around 1790 and beyond being able to retest the "old peak" of 1795 in today's session.  The support zone pushed up the precious metal price during the day is still around 1770-1775.