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Lets Check What Gold Market News Saying Today

Comment on Gold on October 21, 2020:

At the end of yesterday session Gold had another green candle increased, Gold price yesterday increased from 1894 to 1914, but the uptrend was not maintained until the end of the session and was weakened and closed.  the door at 1907, looking closely, this continues to be a sideways candlestick in the wide band of Gold that I mentioned in yesterday morning's news.
 - My personal opinion about this precious metal has not changed much and in my opinion Gold still runs 2-way sideways in large amplitude.  The support price zone that pushes the price of Gold up during the day will remain the price zone 1900-1895 and the resistance push the price of Gold down in the zone of 1913-1918.  We can continue to trade in this range today.