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Comment on Gold on November 18, 2020:

In the Asian session and the European session yesterday Gold was sideways around the price range 1893-1884 (amplitude 9 prices).  And only when it was near the end of the US session last night did Gold have a decline and go down to the price range in 1876 (the short-term price zone that yesterday recommended selling down).
- End of yesterday candle Gold closed the day at 1880 with a bearish candle with and is currently hitting the short-term support at 1876. When yesterday's candle ended with a bearish candle,  It further confirmed my sell-down strategy in the past 2 days.  And there's no reason for us to change that view.
- So in my personal opinion, I will continue to maintain a sell down position on this precious metal today towards the next support zone which is around 1860. And the resistance zone pushes the needle.  Gold precious type down during the day in 1885-1890.