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Gold comments on October 14, 2020:

 Gold had a bull run up to 1925 and then plummeted from 1925 to 1885 ($ 40) ending the day with a bearish candle and closed at 1890 signaling  Next point decline today.
 - As we can see on the image, the price area of ??1885 is an important support level that hits the short-term uptrend channel on the H4 timeframe.  In my opinion, I expect Gold around this price range will have a rally to recover from here after a sharp decline yesterday.  My expectation Gold will rebound around 1911 and it is likely that we will consider selling down on the precious metal Gold.
 - And if it broke 1885 today and gold could not recover, it is likely that it will continue to drift to the 187x price zone and the "old bottom" 1850.