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Strong Week With Strong Gold Update & Strong Analysis- News


Comment on Gold on 8/2/2021:

At the end of last trading week, the world gold price had a rather strong week from 1872 to 1784 ($ 88) closing the weekly candlestick around 1812. On Thursday, Gold price fell and closed down.  the point was at 1792, but on Friday, the decline slowed, instead it was the rally again.  With last week's candlestick not closing below 1800 and on Friday, despite its gains, this uptrend is still under a fairly strong downside pressure from last Thursday's candle, so in my opinion  then the gold price will have a beat to retest below 1800 once again before it is likely to go up.
 - On Thursday last week, the world gold price broke the 1820-1830 price range to go down, so in the first session of this week, I expect the gold price will continue its recovery on Friday so that it can go down.  retest the broken price zone of 1820-1830.  Around this price range we can establish a sell position with the precious metal Gold.  Safe target as analyzed in the 1793-1800 region.  Here we will wait for the signal to have the next option tring today.