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Time to BUY the GOLD- Daily News Update


Comment on Gold on 12/04/2021:

Closing last week's trading session Gold precious metal had a week of increasing from 1721 to 1759 ($ 38) and closed the week at the price zone of 1743. With the close of the week with this bullish candle combined with  The next 2 candles next week Gold created a pair of short-term bullish reversal candles.  Therefore, in my opinion, the buy option will be given priority in the first sessions of this week.

- Judging from D1 time frame, we can see that in the last Friday night, although Gold price had strong decline sessions, however, at the end of the session, there was a buying force and ended the daily candle with a candle.  Lower withdrawal, the closing price of the daily candlestick was still quite high at 1743.

- In the beginning of today's session, in my opinion, we will prioritize buying when the price is good and expect the GOLD to correct to around 1732-1738 in order to establish a buy position.  The first target that precious metals need to conquer is around 1758-1760.  If you pass this price zone, the price zone of 1775 will be the next destination for gold precious metal.