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Today's Gold Market Analysis with Suggestion

Comment on Gold on 11/19/2020:

Gold had a day of decline as analyzed by the end of yesterday's session when it went back from 1884 to 1863 ($ 21) closing the daily candle at 1871. I personally commented on the closing price of Gold.  Yesterday, the downward force was not too strong, although the price was correct in analyzing the profit-taking zone at 1863 but then Gold bounced back and the support zone at 1860-1863 will remain the price area we need to pay attention to today.
 - Currently, the price of Gold is at a price that we cannot chase because the SL will be very long and lead to an unjust SL and if buying it is slightly contrary to the trend that in my personal opinion is to prioritize selling.  in this time.  So my advice in the beginning of today's session we should wait for a better entry point for both short buy and sell strategy of this precious metal.
 - The area of ??observation for today will be 1850-1860.  If Gold does not break this price range, we can buy it short today.  And another case, if you want to be safe, wait to sell at strong resistance areas.