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Good morning!  Happy new week with lots of energy, good work!
Check out the news of the past 24 hours:

1?? Yesterday's main news
- Biden will announce plans for large-scale tax increases on Wednesday.

The US will make AstraZeneca's vaccine available to other countries.
- The latest US census shows that 7 Democratic states have fewer seats in Congress.

Demand for 2-year US Treasury bids is weak, but the 5-year tenor is better than expected.

- WHO says the number of new cases worldwide has increased for 9 consecutive weeks.

- WHO is expected to announce the results of evaluation of the two new Chinese vaccines in the next two weeks.
Thailand's sudden outbreak, Bangkok is considering whether to close the city or not.

- The EU announced that the Iran Nuclear Agreement Joint Committee will resume the meeting.

- Tesla has been profitable for seven consecutive quarters.
 Apple plans to invest $ 430 billion in the US in 5 years.

2?? Notable facts and economic data today
- This morning, the Bank of Japan will announce its decision on the interest rate and 10-year treasury bond yield target.  The Bank of Japan is expected to maintain its short-term interest rate target at minus 0.1% and long-term interest rate target at around 0%.