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Time to BUY the GOLD- Daily News Update

Closing last week's trading session Gold precious metal had a week of increasing from 1721 to 1759 ($ 38) and closed the week at the price zone of 1743. With the close of the week with this bullish candle combined with  The next 2 candles next week Gold created a pair of short-term bullish reversal candles.  Therefore, in my opinion, the buy option will be given priority in the first sessions of this week.

Important Facts in News

Biden officially announced giant infrastructure plans. The number of ADP jobs in the United States rose by 517,000 in March, a record high since September last year.

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In the new month, everyone with a drawdown monthly candle closed above the monthly chart, along with that on the daily chart time frame, after falling sharply to 1678, this precious metal formed the 2 patterns. the bottom then go up. The session closed yesterday with a fairly strong bullish candle that took up most of the downward pressure of yesterday's candle. So my personal opinion about precious metals is more and more affirmed as in today's 2 that we will continue to buy when prices return to the low range in the coming short term.

Valuable News for Today's Market

On the dollar side, it has been in high demand over the past few weeks, cautious market mood has pushed capital flows into safe assets, while economic strength and rapid vaccine rollout US rapid growth has increased the attractiveness of the greenback.