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Gold Market Slightly Going Down- Quick Market News

After 2 days of opening at the beginning of the year, gold price increased, the last 3 days of the week, Gold had a strong decline after the US Congress officially recognized the victory of Mr. J. Biden, Gold decreased from 1959 to 1827 ($ 132) and closed the week at 1847.

Gold Market Going To Boom Boom- Quick Analysis of The Day

At the end of yesterday's session Gold price bounced up from 1934 to 1953 ($ 19) closed at 1949. After Monday opening the new year, Gold price increased sharply, yesterday Gold price also increased ...

Gold Market Going Down- Quick Gold Market Analysis

At the end of the last trading month of 2020, the precious metal Gold had a strong increase month, the price increased from 1775 to 1905 ...

Wow Gold Market Moving Smartly- Quick Gold Analysis

In the trading session yesterday, gold price mainly went sideways in the amplitude mainly from 1883-1874, although sometimes the price went down to 1886 and down to 1871, but this momentum could not maintain and return sideways price range.