One of the major issues’ investors face these days to find new investment ideas. Some investors expect great investment ideas to come in their dreams without any efforts and help them mint six-digit figures. However, it’s high time to debunk all the myths and actively look for new investment ideas. Moreover, sometimes, the best way to hog for new ideas to start reading.

You’ll be amazed to comprehend at the number of companies you can invest in just by keeping yourself up to date with the latest trends and news prevailing in the Singapore stock world. For investment ideas in Singapore, I have mentioned five must-read resources to draw inspiration and ideas from. So, let’s get started

1- SGX

SGX Stock picks

One of the best ways to find investment ideas in Singapore is to check SGX stock picks. The company’s announcement page. Under this page, you can see the latest news, updates, and developments that all SGX-listed companies have to publicly announce including share buybacks, insider trades, acquisitions/disposals, privatizations, spin-offs, rights issues and placements, earnings, and dividends.

If an announcement pleases you, you can start doing in-depth research on the company’s stock signals to find if there’s a potential opportunity. I know of investors and analysts who do a thorough investigation at the announcement page looking through every announcement to have the edge over others.

2- Business times and the channel news Asia

I typically tell new investors that if you want to understand and excel the Singapore stock picks, you need to begin perusing the local business news. What’s more, the best resources for Singapore business news are as yet The Straits Times, The Business Times, and Channel News Asia.

Singapore Stock picks

These news outlets, for the most part, have the best access to news and data in Singapore and understanding them every day will give you a political viewpoint of the nearby business scene and how the Singapore stock exchange works.

3- The Edge Singapore

The Edge Singapore is an extraordinary source for Singapore for any individual who needs to put resources into the Singapore stock picks. The weekly print publication offers one of proper research and scrutiny on Singapore-listed organizations that are accurate and very much balanced. I additionally like the meetings they direct with local business visionaries and CEOs now and then which gives me an understanding of how a specific organization is being run.

SGX stock signals

Another extraordinary component of their print release is their week by week arrangement of insider exchanges and company buybacks on the SGX stock picks, which may point to a possibly underestimated stock. So if you discover it too monotonous even to consider camping at the SGX organization declaration page, at that point, you’ll locate this exceptionally helpful (also though the campers will at present have a leg up over you).

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