After an alarming market for KLSE stock investment in 2018, its time for the recent top KLSE stock picks which can bring success in 2019. Since the beginning of the year, investors need to plan investment budget for the entire year, which has just began. The investors must ensure a crisp plan that can save them from losing money.

So Here the Money Life Research Presents you the list of top 3 KLSE stock picks which will fetch great ROI for your investments.

Top 3 Malaysia Stock Picks


 Top stocks

With a market cap of 3519 Million, this MYEG Malaysian stock will be a must buy for 2019.  The 4 weeks avg. range of the KLSE share is 0.97-1.07 having a 4-week volatility of 50%. The buyers’ profit margin is in green zone having above 50% of ratio, which is a healthy note for KLSE share investors.

Thus with the current Malaysia stock pics, the stock market traders have a great potential to do well in the industry. Below is the KLSE share movement for the MYEGBHD on the first day of March 2019.

2- CCKShare

klse stock picks

The stock is one of the most popular among the KLSE stock picks and has a market cap of 398 Million. Its 4 week range in 0.45-0.67 and the 4 week price volatility of 84%. The CCK share has a steady profit of RM28m which gives it an upbeat for the year 2019.

The sole reason this is included in the top 3 Malaysian stock picks is its lower feed cost and gradual drops in 2018. Also it is good in Money Life Research intraday stock picks because of its steady dividend yield of 4.72%.

The Profit trend of the CCKstock since 5 years:

3- D&O Malaysia Stock Picks

malaysia stock picks

The 3rd on the must have KLSE share is the D&O stock which has a market cap of 818 Million. The avg. 4 week range of the trending KLSE stock is 0.70-0.81. The 4 weeks price volatility of the stock is 36.36%, which is one of the reasons that makes it popular.

The stock gives an yearly return of 17% and its price to book ratio is 8.48%. A KLSE stock trader can expect a dividend of 0.68% from this stock.

5 year profit ratio of D&O

The Last Note

Malaysia stock market is a volatile market with lot of investment opportunities and high return on investment fetching. Therefore, if you are a stock market investor who is looking for some of the leading and profitable Malaysia stock picks then it’s time to invest in the above stocks.

If you still have questions or you are looking for interesting live KLSE stock picks Money Life Research is the right platform for you. Our firm is recognized and reliable Malaysia tip provider where experts are on table for helping share investors like you. We are available on calls and we believe in sharing market’s leading stock signals for your profitability.

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