COVID-19 has unleashed massive economic destruction globally. Also, abrupt and unexpected changes in government led to an increase in uncertainties in Malaysia. With the oil prices falling and stock markets crashing there is still a lot of uncertainty for this unprecedented situation.

Amidst all this, the investor sentiments in the market are still cautious and everyone is looking out for KLSE stock tips to make fruitful investments in this market. There are various opportunities that can be found in the market particularly the stocks that are undervalued but have good valuations, steady dividends, or strong growth anticipation.

We recommend you regularly follow KLSE tips so as to make the best out of your investment. Here, we have picked the top 10 stocks that can provide good returns.

#1. Cypark Resources Bhd

The stocks of renewable energy players are highly undervalued as of now but they have great potential in the future. In terms of valuation, the company has a price-earnings ratio of 7.2 times.

Meanwhile, the company is planning to restructure the capital structure and loans in the coming months. It is also looking to spin off the solar unit to unlock value and fund the company’s future growth potential.

#2. Sarawak Plantation Bhd

Due to the current crash in oil prices, the stocks of Sarawak remain undervalues, but the company can have good potential when production resumes.

The group with a total harvestable area of 17,240ha is expected to see a bumper production in the coming few months. Also, the company has highly experienced management and a strong balance sheet. It is currently fetching a price-earning ratio of 39.7 times.

#3. Malayan Banking Bhd

Over the past year, stocks of Malayan Banking Bhd as declined 2.48%. The company has a market capitalization of RM 97.24 Billion that is largest among all the banks of Malaysia.

75% of its shares are held by institutional funds while it offers a dividend yield of 6.59% that is highest in the banking sector. Various research houses have “buy” calls on this stock that will bring a positive investor sentiment.

#4. Pentamaster Corp Bhd

The company is one of the best performing stock in the technology counter last year and we still consider it as one of the top KLSE stock picks as the prospects remain positive. The 5G network development has been a key catalyst for an increase in price.

The share prices have jumped by 151% in the past 12 months and experts believe that the company will deliver Earning Per Share of 27% due to its expansion in automotive and medical device segments.

#5. KPJ Healthcare Bhd

The current circumstances have led to an increase in demand for healthcare. KPJ Healthcare Bhd that operates 26 specialist hospitals, has seen uninterrupted growth in the past few years.

With a good management system and cost management practices in place, the market capitalization of the company stood at RM 4.06 billion and it is expected to deliver good earnings.

Final Word

These stock tips and KLSE intraday stock picks will help you to achieve a good return in the Malaysian market.