Recently I met a novice investor who asked me,” How do you find investment opportunities”? to which I said,” Simply look around, you’ll be shocked at the number of ideas around you.

Malaysian stock picks Investment ideas are all around you. You don’t need a bird’s eye to find the same. You can find the best ideas while shopping in a supermarket. I mean there are all kind of brands from all kind of industries. But there’s one special brand in which you must be investing— i.e. Nestle.

It is the largest food company in the world and the products of nestle are available in the smallest provisional store in the farthest of market. Now it is a bit cumbersome for the people who are based in Singapore to invest in the swiss exchange, but if you look closely Nestle has a subsidiary listed in Malasiyan stock picks under the name of Nestlé Malaysia Berhad.
This caught up my interest and I decided to dive in further. The impressive bet— its last five years track record and financials.

So let me show you why should you invest in Nestle


Nestle Asian country Berhad is 72.6% in hand by their parent company Nestlé S.A. It’s been in Asian country for 102 years after they initial started operations in Penang in 1912. Nestlé Asian country manufactures food products within the classes of junior food, milk, chilled dairy farm, cereals, creamers, beverages, coffee, ice cream, and confectionery. Brands that are household names include Nescafé, Nestum, Cerelac, Milo, Kit Kat, Maggi, etc.

The food products made by Nestlé Asian country are halal, boosting the company’s sales in Muslim countries. Nestlé Asian country generates seventy 6.5% of its revenue from the domestic market with the remainder coming back from the export market.


Since 2000, Nestle Malaysia has emphasised up operational potency and initiated internal cost-saving initiatives to counteract rising staple prices. Their prime priority is to attenuate worth will increase and avoid passing prices onto customers as so much as potential.

What very affected Maine is though the company’s leadership has modified hands thrice over a course of thirteen years, Nestlé Malaya has firm remained targeted on their priority of operational potency and value saving. True enough, the company’s efforts have paid off and Nestlé Malaysian stock picks has seen a gradual increase in revenues, profits and margins over that last 10-13 years.

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The management has additionally systematically paid out quite ninetieth of profit to shareholders as dividends and its dividend per share has incessantly inflated once a year for the past thirteen years.

Wrapping up

As you’ll see, Nestlé Asian nation may be a pretty spectacular company with nice monetary record over the last decade and a solid management team. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that Nestle Asian nation stock is associate degree arguably nice investment.

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